7-10 april / LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, USA

Kim Fox at #BEAvegas

Presentations at #BEAvegas 2018
Topics include audio, teaching w/tech and radio
  • 2:30p
    • Teaching a radio course without a radio station
    • Comparison between 2009 and 2018
      • Equipment, courses, etc.
Mon, Apr 9 / Tips and Tools for Producing Audio and Podcasts?
  • 1:45p
    • Four panelists
    • Tips for writing, Adobe Audition and more
    Tue, Apr 10 / Best Practices for Student Audio Production
    • 1:00p
      • Three panelist
      • Tips for teaching students audio production
      • 2:15p
        • Use of ePortfolios
        • Use of newsletters
        • Wakelet to replace Storify

      When you stand up to give a presentation, the audience already has certain expectations about how you will behave, and what you will say.

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